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3 reasons 'baby brain' makes you a better mum.

3 reasons 'baby brain' makes you a better mum.

And so the debate continues as to whether baby brain is actually a thing, or not. Well I say it is. I’m sure I’d have a large majority of mum’s agree. I forget words, find the missing car keys in the freezer, put plates in the washing machine, pour my wine into a tippy cup and often put pants on backwards. And that was before I had kids! So you can imagine what I must be like now. It’s amazing I don’t wear my bra in the shower more often.

Sleep deprivation and the multi-tasking mayhem might also be a contributing factor to ‘baby brain’ forgetfulness. Duh! But, even after I’m a couple of kids into my procreation career, the baby brain is alive and kicking, and yet I swear there are 3 improvements or positive ‘modifications’  to my life since embracing a la baby brain:

1. I could blame my actual uselessness on baby brain and be forgiven. Like that time I drove away and left the stroller on the pavement ( thankfully I remembered Cooper, this time )

2. I walk into stores forgetting why I was in there in the first place. My credit card bill has never been so low! The opposite could also apply.

3. Given I’m aware of my baby brain that mysteriously takes hold at any given moment, I am more focused on the project at hand. I might forget where I put that project, but at least I know it’s done. I think.

Click here for some ways to improve the effects of baby brain if you need it. 

What crazy baby brain things do you do? Please comment below!


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