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9 things I now know since turning 40..

9 things I now know since turning 40..

1. I've given up caring about my hair style.. it gets wet.. it dries.. it flies.. repeat.

2. Time is a luxury. Spend it wisely.

3. Only thing for absolute certain is change. Ain't that the truth!

4. Be nice to everyone. Even those people who ( I too have called them names once or twice ) call us at really inconvenient times asking if we need our PPI sorted or to claim on our latest car accident that we apparently had. They have families to go home to too. Be nice.

5. Get a grip on your household finances and your personal spending. It's truly liberating. I  can't believe the money we have saved. Kinda scary to see some mindless spending of the past.

6. Dressing your age is boring. I still wear ripped jeans, converse and hoodies.. most days. Probably will until I'm 90. Wear clothes that make you feel good.

7. Serve more, give more, offer more. We all have the gift to pay it forward. Use it. We all so much to give, to help others, to teach and share our experiences to help others grow.

8. It's official. G-strings are out. They were never comfortable.

9. Look out! I'm only just getting started. So much to do, to see and achieve! I feel utterly fabulous at 40. And I want to help everyone feel the same.

The Truth: Claim your body back after having a baby

The Truth: Claim your body back after having a baby