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Lip Smacking Banana-free Quinoa & Chia Pancakes with Toasted Sesame & Apple

Lip Smacking Banana-free Quinoa & Chia Pancakes with Toasted Sesame & Apple

So I read this recently which made me giggle.. "Only a handful of people are known to suffer from the fear of bananas from all over the world. Most cases begin in childhood, when one has been forced to eat bananas by parents or caregivers to an extent that leads to stomach distress or vomiting. Bananas often have a slimy texture and not all people are fond of its flavour or odor. Many claim that the texture of over-ripe bananas is akin to eating “slugs” The brain learns to revisit those ill-feelings over and over especially when one experiences stress or an anxiety causing situation, such as watching someone eat a banana..."... who knew! But I get it. I used to feel this way about brussel sprouts. It seems I know a few people personally crying out for banana-free pancakes, so this is ode to YOU! But also anyone wanting another delicious version of said pancakes!

Try these for size my banana-hating friends!

These take no time to make, are jammed full of goodness, tasty, fluffy and perfect texture to stack, not to mention completely guilt-free, gluten-free, dairy-free.. but definitely not fun-free.

This serves 2 hungry adults ( 3-4 pancake stack each ) and 2 small children ( 1-2 pancakes each )

2 large apples
6 eggs
1 cup of porridge oats
3 TBsp milled flaxseed
1 TBsp cinnamon
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 cup of quinoa
2 TBsp chia seeds
1 TBsp coconut oil
1 cup Almond milk

* 1 cup fresh or frozen blueberries or raspberries ( optional! )


2 TBsp sesame seeds
1 apple
Coconut yogurt
Maple Syrup
* Goats cheese ( optional, but bloody good! )

Add the sesame seeds to a small pan and gently toast on a low to medium heat ( you can add a small drizzle of maple syrup if you like ). Be sure to keep an eye on them and keep tossing and moving the seeds as not to burn. If adding the maple syrup they will ‘candy’ and will form big candied seed lumps, this is fine though! As the seeds cool, they will break down again with a lovely toasted sweet flavour. Set aside.

Peel the apples. Cut into small pieces and gently stew until cooked and soft in about 1-2 TBsp of water. Add to the blender. Add all the other ingredients ( except the berries ) into the blender and whizz until it’s become a lovely smoothish batter. ( you can thin down further with a little more almond milk if you so desire )

Optional: Add the frozen or berries into the batter, and gently mix and fold in with a spoon.

Pre-heat a large frying pan with some coconut oil on a low to medium heat. Pour the pancake into the frying pan straight from the blender jug. I can usually fit 3-4 small pancakes on my frying pan. Cook on a medium heat both sides for a couple of minutes until golden.

Stack 3-4 pancakes onto of each other for adults, and stack 2 for the kids.

Add a big dollop of coconut yogurt your stack, sprinkle fresh grated apple and toasted sesame seeds on top. Drizzle your maple syrup or honey and.. pour yourself some bubbles and EAT!

I have a few other pancakes recipes for you to browse through. My Candied Orange and Dark Chocolate gluten-free pancakes are particularly famous in our household!

Happy family pancake making! Please comment below in the yellow box, would love to hear from you.




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