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Delectable Easy Pesy Dairy Free Icecream

Delectable Easy Pesy Dairy Free Icecream

I truly believe we can have it all. I like to have my cake and eat it too! Literally speaking that is. There really is no excuse now, we can enjoy the food & treats we love but in a much healthier way. We don't have to deprive ourselves anymore! There is an easy way to boost our nutrients, mood and health - and it really can be super easy to do too!

I was inspired by some lovely girlfriends Jo & Chantell to give this recipe a go! I've borrowed the base recipe from Waitrose but came up with some of my own concoctions. I was amazed at what turned out!! Smooth, rich and so so ice cream like. It's genius, and no masters in cooking required!

Base Recipe:

Makes enough for 4 generous servings, or double the recipe for more!

Ingredients for ice cream base:

4 x large ripe bananas, peeled and cut into 3cm chunks
3 x tbsp Manuka honey
100 ml coconut milk

Flavour options:

* Rose & Vanilla Bean - add 1/2 tsp rose water & 1-2 tsp vanilla bean paste

* Rich Chocolate & Banana - add 1 Tbsp raw cacao powder

* Mint & Choc Chip- add 1/2 tsp organic mint extract, or to taste + 40g chopped dark chocolate pieces

I've gone for the Rose and Vanilla bean for this ice cream making frenzy!

Put the banana chunks into freezer bags and freeze for 2 hours until frozen solid.

Add the frozen bananas, honey, vanilla bean & rose water and about half the coconut milk to a food processor or heavy duty blender.

Blend. Once the mixture becomes smooth add the rest of the coconut milk and blend again.

Serve the Rose & Vanilla Bean Ice Cream straight away with some toasted sesame seeds on top. YUM!

ENJOY! Would love to hear about the flavours you come up with! Please comment below!

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