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Are you ready?

Are you ready?

Are you ready for a positive lifestyle change?

Coming soon this May 2017 we are launching a new movement in health-for-life en mass! We want to help and celebrate as many people as possible to make a positive shift in their health... for life! And it all starts with 30 Day Kick-Start Challenge. It can take just 30 days to kick-start your mindset and transform your health & body to live a healthier and happier life.

What do you need?

An open mind! You just need to be coach-able, have real desire to improve your health and feel amazing. And the great news is you don't have to do this alone! We will all link arms with willing family, friends and colleagues also PLUS you will connect with many positive like-minded people all on the path to better health.

Our 30 day Kick-Start Challenge is about supporting transformations in mindset and health goals for life - no matter what they are. This will be a super inspiring month that encompasses the 80 nutrition / 20 exercise rule - healthy all-natural nutrition, intermittent fasting, regular exercise and fine tuning a rock steady mindset, together!

It doesn't matter what your health goal is! You may want to achieve weight loss, gain lean muscle, energy, athletic performance or healthy aging, and maybe all the above! My posse of motivated wellness seekers are here to not only participate themselves but to help keep us all accountable TOGETHER.

What support is there?

Health coaching, webinars, access to an exclusive private Kick-Start community for life and invitations to local groups, events and competitions.

Who can participate?

Anyone and everyone!* ( see below for full countries list ) Maybe it's you, your brother, your neighbor, your hairdresser or your best friend looking for motivation to create the healthy life you deserve, and without being boring! Most of us are seeking balance, not perfection. Many of us are also time poor and lacking motivation to get started or are stuck in a rut. But it doesn't have to be this way! Embrace your friends, family and colleagues and join me and my wellness team on a mega exciting journey to turn up the heat on 2017 and smash some health goals for long life, en mass!  30 days is just the beginning.

Want to pre register your interest?

Sure! Just Message me at pieta@bypieta.com for more information on whats involved and stay tuned for updates as we gear up and motivate the masses across the world!

In the meantime, why is it important to start thinking about who you want to join forces with on this challenge? Well, setting health goals with a partner/s can help you stay committed and motivated. It can also take some time for us to mentally prepare for a kick-start date. Whether you are a usually a clean eater, regular gym-goer or just getting started on your health journey, linking arms with a friend/s could be a massive help in you reaching goals you never thought possible.

Not convinced? Here are some reasons having an accountability health partner/s is a good idea:

1. You’re More Motivated

You are far more likely to work out when you have scheduled it ahead of time and, especially, when canceling means inconveniencing your friend. It’s no surprise that it’s much easier to skip the gym when the only person you are letting down is yourself.

In addition to keeping you accountable, your partner can provide a boost of motivation to do one more set when you feel like giving up. And also swipe that biscuit out of your hand to replace it with a healthy chocolate protein shake instead! You will start to look out for each other, we all need support.

2. You’re Likely to Enjoy a Better Workout and also Eat Better

The friendly competition that comes with working out with a friend can push you to take your workout to the next level. Studies have shown that those who work out with a partner have improved aerobic and anaerobic exercise performance!

So no matter what your method is, being healthy with a friend can help you reach your goals. Additionally, having a partner at the gym ensures that you always have a spotter, enabling you to safely lift heavier with less risk of injury.

3. You Have a Less Stressful Workout

Physical activity has long been lauded for its role as a stress reliever, but the effect is more pronounced when your time exercising is shared with others close to you.

Choosing Your Partner

Here are a few considerations when choosing your accountability partner:

  • Your health partner doesn’t have to be your best friend, but it should be someone you like, enjoy spending time with, and don’t want to disappoint.
  • Make sure that you choose someone who has similar goals in mind and is willing to commit to the same level of health goals as you. Consider your spouse or significant other first. Studies have shown that couples who commit to a healthier lifestyle together are less likely to quit compared to those who go it alone!
  • Bonus: If your preferred partner is in better shape than you are, don’t worry. Having an accountability partner who you perceive to be at a higher level of fitness can actually lead you to push yourself, get more out of your workouts, burn more calories and make healthier nutrition choices.

Health Partner Tips

  • Motivate each other to reach set goals. Be accountable.
  • Suggest new ideas and routines to keep things interesting.
  • Always be encouraging and uplifting.
  • Plug in to the awesome support and community
  • Smile and have a blast!

ARE YOU READY? I can't wait to get this international challenge started and help as many people as possible reach health goals they never thought possible. Look out for my client testimonials coming very soon! Message me now on pieta@bypieta.com for more information!

* Countries participating: UK, NZ, AUS, USA, Canada, Colombia, HK, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Singapore, Taiwan

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