Pieta McCrum

Pieta McCrum


bypieta is a blog for busy women of all shapes and sizes, mums or not, looking to belong to an empowerment movement to claim self confidence and physical strength through fun, nutrition, fitness, mindfulness and balance.

I'm a Global Wellness Coach, Success Coach and Healthy Aging Specialist. I empower people to step into their true purpose by living to a set of particular habits that can transform mind, body and soul. Being healthy isn't just about the nutrition you put into your body. I believe true wellness is so much more than that. Mindfulness, fitness, balance, relationships, environment, spirituality, physical awareness, desire and mindset complete the circle to wellness.

Originally from New Zealand, I moved to the UK in 2005 when I was 27. I met my soul mate and husband whilst working in digital media at MTV in London. We married in Ibiza in 2012, honeymooned in Namibia, produced two amazing active boys and currently live in Hampton by the Thames River. Charlie was born in 2012 and Cooper in 2015. I’ve always had a passion for health, fitness and wine!  But it wasn’t until I had to manage family, career and my own time that I realised my true passion to help women gain their confidence and strength through Nourish ( recipes & nutrition ), Sweat ( workouts & fitness ) and Love ( life & balance ).


In my 2+ decades of experience in TV & Digital Media, but also as a loving wife and mother to two beautiful boys, I've learned one of the most important lessons that one can learn both personally and professionally, and that is good communication is everything. It’s what drove me to change careers and follow my desire to help others make a transition into their full potential through health & fitness. I now wake up every day with a thriving passion to teach, coach and serve all those around me. When they open their hearts and minds to believe in themselves, everything in their life becomes possible.

Let me tell you my story…


I first looked at trying a cellular cleanse in 2016. At the time I was stressed out, uncomfortable in my clothes, lacking energy and clarity, had disrupted sleep and problematic skin. I felt empty and low. I was introduced to nutritional cleansing by a friend who was oozing radiance, energy and balance. I had to have what she was having. Admittedly, I was skeptical at first. I plunged into research as I was adamant my clean eating regime was the only way, however what I found was the state of our food is not what it used to be. Soils are depleted and nutrient deficiency is a common, yet often overlooked, problem. Also how can we truly know what we are eating is 100% clean of heavy metals, herbicides and pesticides? And don’t get me started on stress! Stress ages us from the inside out and is linked to many health problems. I also found that this protocol stacked up. Science backed, pure, all natural, based on Ayurvedic principals and a lifestyle, not a diet. So I decided to give the program go. And as a result, after my first 30 days I dropped 5kg of fat, gained 2 kgs of lean muscle, I felt energized, clear headed & calm, I slept like a baby and my skin cleared up! Eureka! It was easy to do, convenient and effective. And it just gets better, so now I want to share this truly incredible nutrition with you. I success coach 1000’s of people around the world through this remarkable system to achieve optimum health & performance long term. If you want to learn more about what my coaching might do for you click here.

Loves: Laughing, 6pm bath-time wine, Jaws I, II and III, and listening to the haunting Jeff Buckley.

Dislikes: eating noises drive me nuts, litter and cruelty to animals


Testimonials from some people I coach:


Larry Keating, New Zealand

“Pieta has a creative mindset with a career in global media and communications. Her ability to take simple ideas to widths of lateral thinking is indicative of her expansive and balanced spirit. Leading by example Pieta captures the attention of those targeted with opportunities for the betterment of their own lives.  “ 

Harriet Bishop, United Kingdom

“ Pieta is definitely one of a kind. A real inspiration to us all. Her energy and positivity is infectious, and I’m incredibly grateful for all the support she has given me. ” 

Michaela Askew, New Zealand

"I started my journey after seeing Pieta's posts of taking control of your health, especially as a mum. I contacted her and she talked me through the cleanse and what it involved. After 2.5 years of not being able to loose my pregnancy weight, I decided this was a journey I wanted to take. With Pieta's support and encouragement I was able to undertake the cleanse with amazing results. The weight came off easily and I felt re-energised and motivated to continue with a healthy way of living. Having lost 6kgs I can now comfortably fit my pre-pregnancy clothes which has opened up not only my wardrobe but a new confidence I had lacked for years. I am grateful for Pieta's ongoing encouragement and will continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle with the help of cleansing. Forever grateful x "

 Chantell Mills Callard, United Kingdom

" After the birth of my little boy I unfortunately suffered from severe postnatal depression and anxiety. I found it difficult to get back on my feet, to nurture myself, to exercise, to get ME back. I can't shout loud enough for the positive impact Pieta has had on my outlook and my life. She is one of the most enthusiastic, supportive, positive and energetic human beings that I have met! But most importantly, for me, she is authentic. I have regained my love for running and fitness and I have more energy than I have had in a long long time! Thank you for being you Pieta! "

For more testimonials and real results check out my Sweat. Nourish. Love. Facebook page.