bypieta is a blog for busy women of all shapes and sizes, mums or not, looking to belong to an empowerment movement to claim self confidence and physical strength through fun, nutrition, fitness, mindfulness and balance.

I'm a wellness coach. I help and empower people reach their health goals, no matter what they are. Being healthy isn't just about the nutrition you put into your body. I believe true wellness is so much more than that. Mindfulness, balance, relationships, environment, spirituality, physical awareness and mental state complete the wellness circle to nutrition and fitness.

Originally from New Zealand, I moved to the UK in 2005 when I was 27. I met my soul mate and husband whilst working in digital media at MTV in London. We married in Ibiza in 2012, honeymooned in Namibia, produced two amazing active boys and currently live in Hampton by the Thames River. Charlie was born in 2012 and Cooper in 2015. I’ve always had a passion for health, fitness and wine!  But it wasn’t until I had to manage family, career and time that I realised my true passion to help mums, and women alike, gain their confidence and strength through Nourish ( recipes & nutrition ), Sweat ( workouts & fitness ) and Live ( life & balance ).

A video producer, digital media strategist and passionate mum looking to build a tribe of like minded women who want to create a healthy lifestyle but appreciate the occasional indulgence and have a laugh whilst doing it. Life is too short right?

Loves: 6pm bath-time wine, Jaws I, II and III, and Jeff Buckley.

Hates: dog poo on stroller wheels, or on anything for that matter!


I’ll share and demonstrate many of my favourite recipes. I pour my love for food into my cooking, like water for chocolate. I love wine and pouring that into the food sometimes too! Did I say that I love wine? I’m not a purist by any means but I like to eat clean as much as possible. I don’t have a huge amount of time to phaff about, so I re-create familiar recipes that are all natural, fun, easy and fast to throw together, and that the whole family can enjoy participating in. I am the worlds messiest cook but it’s a perfect opportunity to teach our boys about food and bond over messy hands and faces. In my view, if we can teach our kids to have a healthy curiosity in preparing food and the importance of respecting their own health through good nutrition, then the world’s population will become a happier, healthier and leaner. It all starts at home.


I’ll share and demonstrate various effective workouts and training tips that have worked for me, and the kids! I value exercise in its many forms but finding time for fitness hasn’t always been easy for me. Having kids challenged me to think about how I could fit it into an already manic schedule. Working out with my kids has become a real passion. I love bonding with my boys in this way whilst also working on building my strength to keep up with them as they grow. Teaching our children to participate and engage in exercise or sport is crucial for their development. I can only hope we as parents can set a positive example for our boys that will encourage them to look after their bodies as they mature.


Without some balance, then life just wouldn’t be fun! Sure, eat clean, practice mindfulness and find time to workout, but I don’t claim to be perfect. Let’s get real, let our hair down and be truthfully honest. I’ve suffered anxiety and panic attacks since I was 16 so I’ve learnt a few tricks that have helped me cope and also lighten up about some of life’s tough moments. We all have our stories right? I’d love to share with you a few funny and moving moments of my life, it’s all part of being healthy, opening up and channelling positive energy. Happiness, humour and gratitude to you all!

Testimonials from people I coach:

Larry Keating, New Zealand

“Pieta has a creative mindset with a career in global media and communications. Her ability to take simple ideas to widths of lateral thinking is indicative of her expansive and balanced spirit. Leading by example Pieta captures the attention of those targeted with opportunities for the betterment of their own lives. (Dad) x “ 

Harriet Bishop, United Kingdom

“ Pieta is definitely one of a kind. A real inspiration to us all. Her energy and positivity is infectious, and I’m incredibly grateful for all the support she has given me. ” 

Michaela Askew, New Zealand

"I started my journey after seeing Pieta's posts of taking control of your health, especially as a mum. I contacted her and she talked me through the cleanse and what it involved. After 2.5 years of not being able to loose my pregnancy weight, I decided this was a journey I wanted to take. With Pieta's support and encouragement I was able to undertake the cleanse with amazing results. The weight came off easily and I felt re-energised and motivated to continue with a healthy way of living. Having lost 6kgs I can now comfortably fit my pre-pregnancy clothes which has opened up not only my wardrobe but a new confidence I had lacked for years. I am grateful for Pieta's ongoing encouragement and will continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle with the help of cleansing. Forever grateful x "

 Chantell Mills Callard, United Kingdom

" After the birth of my little boy I unfortunately suffered from severe postnatal depression and anxiety. I found it difficult to get back on my feet, to nurture myself, to exercise, to get ME back. I can't shout loud enough for the positive impact Pieta has had on my outlook and my life. She is one of the most enthusiastic, supportive, positive and energetic human beings that I have met! But most importantly, for me, she is authentic. I have regained my love for running and fitness and I have more energy than I have had in a long long time! Thank you for being you Pieta! "