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Best Ever Chocolate Chia Balls

Best Ever Chocolate Chia Balls

I was a chocolate addict, actually who am I kidding, I still am. The sweet tooth definitely runs in the McCrum family. A batch of these babies keeps the chocolate wolf from the door ( most of the time ). Inspired by Deliciously Ella’s Chia Energy Balls! My mother in law makes these using prunes and are also SO good. So don’t feel that you need stick to the ingredients verbatim. I also like to roll mine in desiccated coconut OR raw cacao powder for that extra truffle-like taste punch! The kids have loads of fun making these. It’s a quick and messy activity, perfect for kids to get their hands dirty and lick the spoon guilt free! I store the finished balls in freezer for that extra chill factor too. Utterly amazing warmed in the microwave for 20 secs ( only! ) with a scoop of organic coconut yogurt or ice-cream. I love them for a mid afternoon boost when the sugar levels dip around 3pm Actually I eat them anytime. Even at breakfast! Excellent for bribing toddlers to put their shoes on quickly too ( don’t judge me! it works )


Takes 20mins. 

Makes about 20-30 depending on the size ball you like to roll! They last for ages in the freezer. Well, thats if they’re not all eaten within 3 days of making them - like my household. The kids LOVE them.


200g of big juicy medal dates ( or prunes! )

200g of almonds ( or hazelnuts, or any kind of nuts your really love, you could do a mix! )

4 tbsp of raw cacao powder ( you could also use chocolate protein powder, not as intense though )

2 tbsp of coconut oil

2 tbsp almond butter

2 tbsp of chia seeds, or flaxseed or another super food seed mix works!


I like to experiment and add in spices like:


1-2 tbsp ground ginger OR cinnamon OR turmeric OR hot chilli powder!

You could add other superfood powders like a super green powder or maca. Go wild!

Blend all the nuts into a powder in food processor. Depends if you like the balls to be chunky or more refined. So up to you how long you whizz them for. I like mine as fine as possible.

If using dates, don’t forget to take the pips out! Throw all the other ingredients in with the nuts. Blend to a thick pulp. Add a little water ( 2 TB ) if the mix seems a little dry and crumbly.

Dust a big plate with what ever you want to roll the balls in. I love the raw cacao as they become instant rich truffles - and yet so good for you and full on antioxidants.

Use a teaspoon or tablespoon to spoon out your desired size and roll the mixture in the palm of your hand. The roll the ball in the dust of choice.

Store in air tight container. EAT.

#lovechocolate #recipebypieta #healthytreat #kidscooking

Would love to hear what versions you love to make? Please comment please!


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