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Pecan & Berry French Toast Sandwich

Pecan & Berry French Toast Sandwich

Pecan and Berry French Toast Sandwich


My sister and Jamie Oliver were my inspiration for this one. I wanted to make something special for Ash given she had woken up so early to be at our place in time the boys breakfast at 7am! What a good auntie. I was so impressed and grateful, especially given Ash had been behaving like most self respecting fun 26 year olds on a Saturday night. I know my sister appreciates an impressive stack of food on a plate ( she is my blood after all ), so this was made with love and with our mutual eyes-bigger-than-stomach in mind. And the kids had fun making this too. Its super uber easy, tasty and healthy. We don’t eat a lot of bread in our household, unless I make something special in our bread maker. ( I’m a little late to the party here but bread makers are a game changer if you’ve never tried using one. The house is a waft of divine bread smells. An amazing trick if you’re trying to sell a house too! It’s sure to be sold when they get a whiff. ha! ) Anyway, I digress..


10mins. Makes 2 servings

4 x slices of organic artisan wholemeal or grain bread ( 2 slices per person ) - or use what ever bread you prefer, as long as it will soak up egg and won’t fall apart. You could try gluten free bread, but you might have to experiment.

Blend 2 large eggs + a banana + pinches of cinnamon and nutmeg in a blender. Pour mixture into a large bowl.

Heat a greased frying pan on a medium heat. I like to use coconut oil for greasing frying pans, and then wipe excess out with baking paper.


Soak each piece of bread in the egg mix, make sure both sides are well covered in the mixture, but not over soaked. Take out and put straight into the pan to cook until golden brown.

Top the eggy slice of bread with 1 layer of fresh berries. I used fresh raspberries, blackberries and blueberries. Add another egg soaked slice to the top and press down.

Carefully flip the sandwich over and press down to ensue the egg cooks all the way through on both layers. 

Top the french toast stack with plain yogurt, whole or chopped pecans and a drizzle of 100% natural maple syrup or Manuka honey. Add more cinnamon and berries if you like too! You could also stuff the toast with bananas and bacon! Just saying… YUM.

Why did I choose pecans? Well pecans contain more fat than just about any other nut. But don’t let fat content fool you! It’s the good kind. These large, buttery flavoured nuts are rich in numerous vitamins and minerals known for promoting various aspects of health.

#frenchtoast #healthybreakfast


Please write your comments below. Would love to hear your thoughts on this recipe!


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