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Powerful 'sliding' exercises in just 15mins using a pair of socks!

Powerful 'sliding' exercises in just 15mins using a pair of socks!

I sh*t you not, this video is what one of my mornings looked like at 5am this week. I don't know why, but both boys woke early with no signs of going back to sleep. I tried to ignore their urgent calls for "MUMMY!!" ( which brings me to the question, why don't they ever call "DADDY"?.. but I digress ) ... and after a short period of staring at the inside of my eyelids hoping they might give up on "MUMMY!"... I got up. I was already awake, I had planned to fit in a quick workout BEFORE the kids woke, but instead... we head to the kitchen, shut the door ( husband sleeping shhh grrrrrr ), turn the music on, and get sliding in our socks. Certainly worked up an appetite for breakfast, these moves are harder than they look.

All you need for this workout are a pair of socks ( kids are optional ) and a hard floor you can slide on. If you don't have either then paper plates on carpet will also do the trick! Or you could simply purchase some actual gliding discs online. But seriously, socks or paper plates are just as effective!

3 sets ( usually ) takes about 15mins to complete. 1min rest between each set.

30 secs per leg Gliding Side & Curtsy Lunge: Here’s a move that will work your hamstrings and glutes! The gliding side and curtsy lunge will really give your legs a proper workout.

30 secs Gliding Hamstring Curls and Circles: Do you need to pay more attention to your hamstrings? Then introduce them to this move. This works the glutes and core too. Keep your bum up off the ground for the entire move ( like in a reverse bridge position )

30 sec Gliding Press Up with knee to elbow: This is powerful, go slow and focus on your form. Great for core abs and upper body.

30sec Gliding Mountain Climber cross over: bring your knee across the body to touch the opposite knee. Feel that core burn!

30secs Gliding Swimming Extension: Imagine doing breast stroke on dry land, just using your arms! Finish strong with this move that will work your entire body!

I'd love to hear how you did trying this workout out? Please tell me all about it in the comments below!


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