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Top 4 tips on how to be a nicer wife, mum, person!

Top 4 tips on how to be a nicer wife, mum, person!

When I’m a knackered mum, just trying to get shit done, I can be short tempered and irritable. Lovely! It can appear we have the household generally sorted, beds made, laundry done, emails, errands, kids fed & dressed, food shopping done, noses & bums wiped ( mine that is ) whilst also trying to be a patient mum and an attentive partner-in-crime too. But sometimes, life just gets too busy, I take on too much, I forget to be present and someone’s head gets bitten off. Here’s how I stand to be a nicer wife, mum and all round nicer person. ha!

Here are my top 4 tips on how to turn it all around:

1: Make time.

I made excuses. Being tired was my biggest excuse, I couldn’t think straight. All I had to do was create a weekly schedule. Sounds like something you might do at work, and it kind of is. My husband and I combined schedules and worked out time to exercise, get a hair cut and nights out around managing the kids routine. It was quite liberating for us both to see on paper how both our needs were met and appreciated. Just doing this very exercise made me feel much better, and errr nicer! We’ve now become pretty good and scheduling in regular date-nights too. Crucial!

2. Get over yourself.

If you have an injury or health concern ( like me and my lower back pain ), stop procrastinating, get it seen to. I finally got myself to an Osteopath who helped alleviate my lower back pain and educated me on what I needed to do to build my core strength back up since having kids. This was a massive eye opener for me, I totally underestimated how important core strength was. I realise now how many mums I speak to who tend to just get on with it and don’t give much thought to caring for their body in this way. Your core and your gut is your entire foundation to achieving optimum health.

3. Cut the crap, together.

In the past, when our boys were in bed at night, my husband and I had a habit of watching tv with a bottle ( or two ) of wine and a block of chocolate, every night. Most mornings we woke up knackered, lacking in energy and feeling somewhat toxic. But when we finally decided to cut the crap, the results were life changing ( for both of us ). We slept better, our energy increased, we felt clear headed, released some kilos… and our libido increased. Woah hold on there tiger.

4. Run lola run.

It doesn't have to be running, it can be whatever type of exercise floats your boat. But for me, putting on my asics and running outside gives me peace of mind. It’s my time. Exercise is so critical to mood elevation and hormone balancing, and even better when you can buddy up with someone. Now, my husband and I often train together, and love to throw the kids into the mix when we can. Quality family time and getting fit. It’s a win win. 

Tell me what you like to do to keep your stress levels in check? Please comment in the box below.


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Listen up. You are worthy!

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