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Listen up. You are worthy!

Listen up. You are worthy!

I was on the phone to the co-founder of Sport Inspired charity http://sportinspired.org/ and he told me some astounding facts given the research they collate. He said “ our research suggests mum’s don’t feel worthy of being fit and healthy…”. I identify with this as a mum. I tend to put my family first and my own needs last, and various other excuses can creep in too. “I don’t have time, I don't have the money, I’m too tired, I’m not fit enough, I hate the way I look, I don’t have the gear, I’ll look stupid..” The negative dialogue can be a dizzy swirl in my head. Self sabotage is one of the biggest reasons women ( mums or not ) find it hard to get started. What motivated me to start my health and fitness journey? Sure, I want to be the best example I can be for my boys, but this is for me, and for you. I want to help empower women to love the skin they're in and find their confidence and strength through being active, eating well and removing the negatives. You are all worthy of being fit and healthy.

This self sabotage rings true on a much wider scale too. The fascinating research behind ‘This Girl Can’ campaign has touched many woman worldwide.  https://www.sportengland.org/our-work/women/this-girl-can/The campaign has identified that millions of women and girls are afraid to exercise because of fear of judgement. There is still a huge gender gap between male and females participating in sport so we still have a lot of work to do yet. Thankfully this particular campaign is already helping millions of females of all ages, shape and size get active and to embrace their bodies as they are. It’s a celebration of feeling good, it’s not about looking good, and thats what I personally love about this. Women linking arms and experiencing the power and elation of simply participating and with no judgement.

Here are my 5 fast facts on why it’s your right to be fit and healthy, no matter what:

1. It is your right as a human being to be fit and healthy no matter what age, shape or size you are. Start small and slow, it doesn’t have to be daunting.

2. Buddying up with a friend increases your chances of sticking with it and increases the enjoyment tenfold! You don't have to sweat alone. Find a friend and make each other accountable. Or train with your partner. Those who train together stay together.

3. ‘Me time’ is not an indulgence but a right. Men are often encouraged to participate in their hobbies like sport. But there is a general perception ( between us women! ) that when women claim ‘me time’ it’s an indulgence or luxury. Simply schedule it in, like a meeting or appointment. It’s your time!

4. It’s your time to shine. Achieving incremental fitness goals is hugely rewarding and boosts your self confidence. It’s your right to feel amazing. You are awesome.

5. Be the change you want to see. Join the empowerment movement, wrap your arm around your female friends and encourage them to get out there with you, get active and have fun!

Tell me who you work out with and why? I’d love to hear your view. Please comment below.

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