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Protein Mint Choc Ice Lollys

Protein Mint Choc Ice Lollys

Ice blocks or Ice lollys? As a kiwi living in the UK it took me ages to change the lingo from blocks to lollys. But given the kids always ask for them, I had to get with the program and embrace the ice lolly terminology!

This recipe was inspired out of desperation actually. ha ha! It's been a super hot UK summer and the amount of ice-cream and ice lollys consumed as of late has been next level. And when my boys are already knackered after nursery, the last thing they need is an artificial sugar crash to really set the wheels falling off during witching hour.

My kids climb all over me for my daily protein super smoothies. The protein I use is scientifically balanced in micro & macro nutrients as a complete meal, it's all natural and has zero dodgy ingredients. As a mum I really care about what I'm feeding my kids, so I love adding protein smoothies in my kids diet as it really makes a difference to their energy levels and mood too. So it was a no brainer to get creative and turn these into ice lollys!

This is so simple and easy to make.



Makes 12 x ice lollys ( with a little left over to guzzle )


1 x sachet ( or 2 scoops ) of Isalean chocolate protein powder
1 x banana
3 x ice cubes
2 x caps of peppermint oil
240 mils pure water

You'll need a blender and and 2 x ice lolly trays of 6.

Blend all the ingredients today. Let the blended mixture settle for a bit so the air bubbles slowly disappear as much as possible. Pour the mixture up to the top of the ice lolly trays. Freeze for 2 hours.

Once frozen, you'll need to run the molds under hot water for easy extraction.

Enjoy! So yum!

Please comment below if you have made up your own flavors!


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